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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Charleigh's Legs

Picture doesn't show it to well. It was hard to get her to stay still for a good pic. LOL.

So Charleigh is 16 months tomorrow and has been walking good since 11 months. He pediatrician refered her to a orthopedic so that her legs could be checked out. She has bow legs. They do start to bother her after a while of being on them. Im guessing the way they put pressure on her ankles. She does fall A LOT. I always feel so bad for her because she hates it. She is so independent and wants to go every where as fast as she can. Anyway the orthopedic said that he was going to refer her to another dr to have her looked at. In his opinion she is in the normal range but bowed a little more than most bowed legged children. So he wants her to see a childrens orthopedic because he hasn't dealt with to many babies. Thing is the appointment can be up to 6 months away. I just want to know if there is still a chance of her out growing this because some dr say no that she would of started to by now or if she is going to need braces or something. I hope I didn't cause this.


MommyMays said...

You didn't cause it. My DD had to get braces and she is fine now. She didn't have them long. She used to have a LOT of problems. She just graduated her physical theraoy back in April. Usually, as a general rule-according to her therapist, they will outgrow it by three year old if they are going too. But I would definitely seek more help. Why are you having to wait so long? I had to wait two weeks for her appointment.

Baby Years said...

They said that the dr was a real busy guy. I really dont want to wait that long. I know it's bothering her.

Unknown said...

Grace's legs kind of look like that. I am hoping she will grow out of it since she is only 8 months, but from the time she was born she would put weight on her legs by pushing off with them, and she started trying to put all her weight on her legs when she was only like two months old. I've heard that we weren't supposed to "let" her do that because it can make her bow legged, but there was no stopping her. I really hope she grows out of it! I hope your daughter does too.

Baby Years said...

Yeah my daughter was the same way. Always ready to go. I tried to keep her off of them but she was and still is very independent. I hope little Grace's legs dont do it either. I hate to see a baby like this. Especially when they are so independent and want to go every where but just keep falling and ending up with pain in the legs and ankles. I hope Charleigh out grows it to. The older she gets the harder it is to hold her back from going and going. I really dont want her twisting an ankle or worse.

Christina said...

yeah my doctor was telling us that all kids are a little bowlegged and pigeon toed cause of how they are all flexible and stuff in the uterus and that after a while(when they are 3 or 4)they go to normal. but did you ever end up going to a see the specialist?